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STEMnetics is a dynamic program based in Michigan, aimed to expose students to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) through hands on projects.  We offer programming during and after school, workshops for families and students, and professional development for teachers.

The mission of STEMnetics is to prepare students with 21st Century Skills through the utilization of hands on activities. In order for our economy and our society to excel it is important that students are able to think critically and be effective problem solvers.  Through our interactive programs we have developed a curriculum for students to think outside the box and apply their educational knowledge to real world situations.



   1. expose students and parents to STEM

   2. increase student retention rate through introducing relevancy to the real world

   3. develop student ability to think critically and be effective problem solvers

   4. equip teachers with additional tools for project-based learning

   5. further develop job ready skills for parents

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