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  • Can I still participate in the course without buying the project materials?
    No, the course is heavily focused on building with your hands. In order to understand the material your child will need to have access to materials.
  • How much will materials cost?
    We aim to select projects that will cost less than $100 for the entire 6-weeks. Some projects we will be able to use household materials.
  • I am on the waitlist, how do I register?"
    We will process the waitlist on a first come first serve basis.
  • I have 2 kids in the same age group, will they both have to register for the class?"
    Yes, but they will be able to share materials. In situations like this we will work with your children on building together as a team. There will also be additional instructions provided to the parent.
  • I cannot attend this 6-week class, can I register for the next class?"
    Yes, we advise you complete our contact form and we will notify you once registration opens.
  • If I miss a session can I make-up the session?
    No. Each session is live, therefore there are no makeup classes. We will still provide a wrap-up that your child can complete the project. Since we take attendance, our instructors will be able to bring them up to speed on the next class. Therefore, missing one class due to schedule conflicts is perfectly fine.
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